This sensor features safety stops making it a useful device for measuring push and pull (bi-directional) forces in a broad ± 50N range.

The Force sensor is supplied with a 20N spring, cushioned and non-cushioned stops, and a hook, and can be clamped to a stand, or, for more effective use, it can be attached to the Dynamics System.


The force sensor is essentially two strain gauges. It should be clamped firmly when used, to reduce flexing so that it measures a force.

There a number of ways of setting up and using the Force Sensor for Physics experiments.
The hook is used with the spring for simple harmonic motion investigations, and with stretchy rubber for bungee jumping, and with a stiff wire for investigating centripetal force in a pendulum.
The cushioned and non-cushioned stops are used when investigating collisions and crumple zones, where a car or trolley on a ramp collides with the sensor.


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Activities and Curriculum:

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  • Simple harmonic motion
  • Collision impact
  • Centripetal force
  • Resultant forces
  • Impulse and change in momentum
  • Investigating bungee jumping
  • Investigating the effectiveness of crumple zones


  • Investigating tree girth (Force sensor used as a dendrometer)

Works with the following Dataloggers:

VHub4 and VHub8


Force Sensor

  • ±50N (Resolution 0.1N)​