This is the extension to the Dynamics System and contains items to address additional force and motion concepts.


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For use with the Dynamics System.

For extending investigations into motion, pendulums, collisions/momentum and dynamic forces. For example:

  • Motion: Using the spring to roll a cart up a slope
  • Pendulum: Using a Light Gate and simple pendulum
  • Collisions: Inelastic and elastic
  • Collisions: Using Motion sensors, Force sensors and a Light Gate
  • Collisions: Using a Force Sensor and a Light Gate to investigate crumple zones
  • Simple Harmonic Motion: using 2 Force and a Motion sensor with a cart oscillating horizontally
  • Interference of light investigations (Young’s slit)  ​​

Additional cart with interrupt card

Magnets and Holders


End reflector card

Pendulum bob

Slotted mass set

Mass retainers

Sensor clip

Interrupt card set [1 x single, 1 x double and 1 x multi-segmented picket fence]