This sensor is used to monitor heart rate in beats per minute during and after exercise. It consists of a belt that is worn around the ribcage against the skin, and a Heart Rate receiver. The heart rate information is transmitted wirelessly from the belt to the receiver, which can be up to 80 cm apart.


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Activities and Curriculum:

5 Minute Activities with Sensors CLICK HERE for Sample

Biology and Physiology:

  • Monitor heart rate before, during and after vigorous activity
  • Compare the heartbeat of different individuals: try to include both athletic and inactive people
  • Monitor the speed at which the heart rate returns to normal following exercise (recovery rate)
  • What happens to the heart rate when you hold your breath?
  • Investigate the effects of a mild stimulant such as caffeine in cola or coffee on heart rate.
  • Check for baroreceptor reflex: that is changes in heart rate for a person when reclined, sitting, standing or moving, caused by the heart pumping blood to different levels.

This sensor consists of a Heart Rate receiver together with a T31 Polar® transmitter belt.

The belt is in two parts, the Polar® T31 Transmitter and an elastic belt to hold it in place. Two elastic belts of different sizes (small 58 to 120cm, and large 69 to 160cm), are supplied.

The Polar® Heart Rate Exercise Sensor monitors the electrical signal of a person’s heartbeat. As this information is transmitted wirelessly to the SmartQ receiver, heart rate can be recorded during exercise e.g. stepping, riding an exercise bike, jogging on a treadmill, or using a rowing machine.

The Polar® transmitter is sealed, 100% waterproof and ECG accurate. It will switch off automatically as soon as there is no skin contact between the electrodes. It can be cleaned after use with a mild soap and water solution. The transmitter is powered by a Lithium battery, providing an average of 2,500 hours of use.

Works with the following Dataloggers:

VHub4 and VHub8


Polar Heart Rate Exercise Sensor:

  • 0 to 220 beats per minute
  • 1 x (3148a) Receiver
  • 1x (3272) Polar T31 Transmitter
  • 1x (3273) Small elastic belt
  • 1x (3274) Large elastic belt