FREE investigations and activites for SmartMicroScope, SmartMicroScope 5M, SmartMicroScope iGo2, SmartMicroScope 500, SmartMicroScope 5M-500, mBot Robot, Edison Robot and Data Harvest Dataloggers for classroom teachers using SmartSchool Systems equipment.

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The future of education is here, and it fits right in the palm of your hand. Give your students the gift of engaging, interactive, and collaborative learning experiences with our SmartSchool Systems Microscope solutions. 


The SmartSchool Systems Learning Portal provides instructional support activities including inquiry-based investigations for elementary, middle school and high school STEM classrooms.

These teacher-friendly materials are available at no cost for classroom teachers who are using SmartSchool Systems equipment.

Currently Available:

Elementary Science Investigations with the SmartMicroScope – 5E Model

Elementary Science and Math Activities with the Vu+ datalogger

Elementary Science Investigations with dataloggers

mBot Robot – Activities for PC/Mac and iPad

Edison Robotics – Controller, Programmer, Builder and Lesson Plans

Middle School Science Investigations with the  SmartMicroScope – 5E Model

Middle School Activities with dataloggers

Middle School Biology Activities with dataloggers

Middle School Chemistry Activities with dataloggers

Middle School Physics Activities with dataloggers

Science at Work – Activities with dataloggers

Science in Sport – Activities with dataloggers

mBot Robot – Activities for PC/Mac and iPad

Biology  Investigations with the SmartMicroScope – 5E Model

High School Biology Activities with dataloggers

High School Chemistry Activities with dataloggers

High School Physics – Light, Sound and Pressure

High School Physics – Electricity and Heat

High School Physics – Force and Motion

mBot Robot – Activities for PC/Mac and iPad



The Learning Portal is available at no cost for classroom teachers using equipment from SmartSchool Systems.  This includes all SmartMicroScopes, Data Harvest dataloggers, mBots (purchased from SmartSchool Systems) and Edison Robots (purchased from SmartSchool Systems).

It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3

1. Go to the Learning Portal page appropriate for your grade level and product you have.

2. Use the access code provided with your SmartSchool Systems product to access the resources.

3. If you don’t have the access code, please contact us:

Email to Request Learning Portal Access

Learning Portal Access is only for our customers.