Explore the nature and strengths of magnetic fields of solenoids and permanent magnets with this robust sensor which houses two switchable Hall effect transducers.

You can use this tool to measure accurately both Radial and Axial magnetic fields.


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  • Magnetic field in a coil
  • Magnetic field in a Slinky Spring
  • Magnetic field of magnets
  • Magnetic field of a solenoid


  • Mapping a magnetic field
  • Exploring electromagnets

Radial and Axial Magnetic Field: ±10 mT (Resolution: 0.01 mT).

There are two Hall Effect devices in this sensor, placed at right angles to each other. This enables fields along the axis of the Magnetic Field Sensor (the axial field) or at right angles (the radial field) to be measured.

Works with the following Dataloggers:

VHub4 and VHub8


Magnetic Field – 2 ranges

  • ±10 mT radial
  • ±10 mT axial

(Resolution 0.01 mT)