The low cost elementary science data logger. 

Now with Bluetooth connectivity to iPad & Android tablets.

With a large easy to read display that shows data as numbers, pictograms, blocks and bars. Vu+ is a new generation logger and software package that grows with the children, it never gets left behind and offers exceptional value for money.

Technology built for younger students.  Monitor light, temperature, and sound and display with a pictogram so ALL students can see the difference.

Great for NUMERACY, monitoring and recording data.

This robust, portable, remote datalogger, with a large LCD display, has 3 built-in sensors: Sound, Light and Temperature and 2 plug-in sensor sockets.

Capturing data from an experiment has never been easier, simply start ‘EasyLog’ recording and data from all of the sensors is recorded automatically.

With logging durations being anything from a few seconds up to 14 days, its perfect for both classroom and field work.

FREE Elementary Math and Science Data Logger Activities with the VU+

Among the various products in the education market, the Vu+ is the ONLY Elementary Science Data Logger that was designed specifically for elementary students.  The FREE elementary math and science activities were designed to meet educational standards in science and math for younger students.  All other data logger products were designed for older students and then modified slightly to attempt to address needs for elementary science.  The Vu+ was designed to engage elementary students with an easy to use interface and and free software with settings for elementary, middle and high school students.


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Empowering educators worldwide, from schools and libraries to renowned institutes.

The future of education is here, and it fits right in the palm of your hand. Give your students the gift of engaging, interactive, and collaborative learning experiences with our SmartSchool Systems Microscope solutions. 

Key Benefits

  • Software that can advance with a child’s progress.
  • Common platform takes you from the first year at school to the last.
  • Pictogram, Snapshot, Meters, Timing, Counting.
  • One click EasyLog.
  • Low cost of ownership, no extra licences, no batteries, no custom leads.
  • Can be used straight from the box – easy to use, easy to learn.
  • 14 days of logging on one charge
  • Half an hours charging for a for a full day’s work.

The Vu+ ONLY works with Vu Sensors:

Vu Timing Ramp

Vu Powerhouse

Vu Temperature Sensor

Vu Voltage Sensor

Vu Heart Rate Sensor

Vu Photogates

Vu Push Button Switches

Vu Timing Mats

Click HERE to view the Manual and Specifications

Need a wireless weather station?  The VU+ elementary science data logger is a great addition for your elementary STEM classroom.  Monitor weather changes, explore properties of matter, freezing point and boiling point of water are easily demonstrated graphically or numerically and can be projected for the entire classroom to view and discuss.  This elementary STEM tool enables students to explore sound levels in the cafeteria to determine which grade is loudest.  Take it back to the classroom to download the data and view it as a graph or a table or both at the same time.


1x (2305A) Vu+ USB & Bluetooth – Elementary Science Data Logger
Built-in sensors: Light, Temperature, Sound
1x (2320) Plug-in Vu Temperature Sensor
1x (3021) USB Lead
1x (2399) Gratnell SmartCase Storage Case
Free Download EasySense Software