This exciting addition to the Vu data logger gives a low cost complete solution to allow students to study time, speed and the effect of friction.

For use with Vu & Vu+. The logger LCD screen and the PC can show time and speed results.

The whole class can be involved in active and engaging practical experiments.

Each switch has a lead approximately 90 cm long with a plug at one end and the magnetic proximity switch at the other end.


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This set has

  • A 1 m high simple adjustable ramp with four height adjustment positions
  • Four slope surfaces with different levels of friction.
  • A  car that has space for weights (not supplied).
  • 2 magnet proximity switches which fit into two holes in the ramp and will connect to a Vu data logger
  • A magnet which is attached to the underside of the cart using the sticky pads supplied.

The Switches will detect the magnet /car as it travels down the ramp. This change can be used to record:

  • The Time the car took to travel from switch A to B
  • Its Speed between A and B (by entering the distance from switch A to switch B)
  • Acceleration between A and B (by entering the length of the magnet)
  • CLICK HERE to view the EasySense eBook 

    1x 1m Wooden Ramp
    1x 4 Position Slope Stand
    4x Different Surfaces
    1x Wooden Car
    2x Magnetic Proximity Switches & Magnet