We are often asked: How do I know the magnification on the SmartMicroScope?

Magnification is determined by the distance the object is from the tip of the SmartMicroScope. If touching the sample, start the focus dial in the “1” position and slowly turn the dial until the image comes into focus. This is 100x magnification.

Continue turning until the image comes into focus a second time. This is 200x magnification.

If the tip of the SmartMicroScope is not touching the sample, here is a guide to determine the magnification:

½” from the tip of the SmartMicroScope = 50x magnification

1 ½ “ from the tip of the SmartMicroScope = 30x magnification

2 ½ “ from the tip of the SmartMicroScope = 15x magnification

We also offer a lens tip set that will give you fixed magnifications at 15x, 30x, 50x, and 150x should you need to know the exact magnification.


SmartMicroScope Lens Tip Set


SmartMicroScope 5M with Lens Tip Set

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