This TV SmartMicroScope hand held digital microscope plugs directly into the TV or Data Projector.  It is easy to use and requires no software to be installed.

This handheld digital microscope is easy to use for even pre-school students.  The single focus dial allows students to explore hidden worlds all around us.  What does salt look like?  How are plant and animal cells alike and different?  What do insect eyes look like?  What lives in pond water?  The SmartMicroScope is a great discovery tool for all students.


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Please consider carefully which version of the SmartMicroScope you will choose. 


This TV version is easy to use, but does not offer some of the key benefits of the USB version.  The USB version of the SmartMicroScope can record still images, videos, or time-lapse videos to view a weeks worth of change in minutes.  Most users tend to find the USB version to be a better fit given that the cost is similar and both can be projected for classroom viewing.




The SmartMicroScope has 6 LED lights that are easily controlled with a dial on the SmartScope.

The SmartMicroScope has greater magnification than many other digital microscopes for education.  This can make all the difference when looking at pond water organisms or plant and animal cells.  The SmartMicroScope focuses in at 10x to 200x magnification.

The SmartMicroScope is especially useful in classrooms with traditional microscopes.  The ability to show students what they are looking for is very powerful.


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SmartMicroScope (TV Version)

SmartMicroScope Stand

AC Adapter

RCA cable