The newest addition to the award-winning SmartMicroScope family of handheld digital microscopes will connect wirelessly to the iPad, iPad mini, iPod Touch, and iPhone using a FREE app in the iTunes store.

The SmartMicroScope iGo2 will also work wirelessly with Android phones and tablets using a FREE app available in the Android Market.

Connect wireless to up to three devices and view the live image from the SmartMicroScope iGo2.  Each device can take pictures AND record videos.

The single focus dial allows students to explore hidden worlds all around us.  What does salt look like?  How are plant and animal cells alike and different?  What do insect eyes look like?  What lives in pond water?  This is a great discovery tool for all grades.

The SmartMicroScope iGo2 is not compatible with PCs or MACs.  It was designed specifically to work with mobile devices.


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Empowering educators worldwide, from schools and libraries to renowned institutes.

The future of education is here, and it fits right in the palm of your hand. Give your students the gift of engaging, interactive, and collaborative learning experiences with our SmartSchool Systems Microscope solutions. 

The SmartMicroScope iGo2 Forensics kit includes the Crime Scene Investigations book with real-life science activites for the elementary grades.  The book includes thirty investigations including comparing fingerprints, handwriting analysis, comparing shoeprints, soil comparisons, hair analysis, characteristics of leaves, and comparing fibers. Digital microscope 1000x allows you to view a live image on your computer screen or on the included tablet while dissecting your specimen.


The SmartMicroScope iGo2 digital microscope has a high quality lens for true to life undistorted color image.  It can record still images and videos. The 6 LED lights are easily controlled with a dial on the SmartMicroScope iGo2. Digital microscope 1000x is designed to provide fast, accurate, and dependable results for a wide range of applications.

The SmartMicroScope iGo2 has a broad magnfication range which is great for the classroom.  This can make all the difference when looking at pond water organisms or plant and animal cells.


District Administration Magazine Recognizes SmartSchool Systems with Innovative Technology in the Classroom Award
District Administration recognizes SmartSchool Systems with the Readers’ Choice Award for innovative ed-tech products that have proven to be effective in schools nationwide.  The SmartScope handheld digital microscope is voted best-in-class for innovative educational technology products.  See the entire report here.
eSchool Media Recognizes SmartSchool Systems
with Readers’ Choice Award
eSchool Media recognizes SmartSchool Systems with the Readers’ Choice Award for ed-tech products that have proven to be effective in schools nationwide.  The SmartScope handheld digital microscope is voted best-in-class for educational technology products.  See the entire report here.


Getting Started Video Series

Need professional development?  We’ve created a training video series to help get started with the SmartMicroScope iGo2.  This series includes step-by-step instructions for installing the app for iOS and Android, details for what’s in the box, how to take pictures and record videos and how to access our teaching materials for elementary science, middle school science and biology.  All investigations are in the 5E model and are aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards and many state science education science standards.






2 SmartMicroScope iGo2s (S236) 

2 SmartMicroScope iGo2 Gooseneck Stands

2 SmartMicroScope Cradles 

10 Piece Collection and Display Set

Fingerprint Kit 

Storage Bin 

Crime Scene Investigations Middle/High School 

Digital microscope 1000x enables the magnification and inspection of three-dimensional objects, rather than samples prepared on slides.