Upgrade your school microscope with the SmartMicroScope 5M handheld digital microscope

Remember those days when teachers would throw chalk at your lazy sleeping heads? Chalk, chalkboards, and those dirty dusters are now just a thing of the past.

In fact, modern technology has even replaced paper books with ebooks. Our classrooms are now turning into smart classrooms.

So, let me introduce you the most innovative tool for modern classrooms, SmartMicroScope 5M.

If science was ever a boring subject for you, it has no longer boring due to the advent of SmartMicroScope 5M. Believe it or not, a science class would never be more interesting and involving before its arrival.

What Makes this Microscope So Special?

This handheld microscope is easy to manage and use in your classroom. It will open new doors of imagination for your students. This digital microscope is an incredible visual learning tool.

In addition to this, this USB microscope requires no software. It easily connects with Chromebook, PC, and Mac, which helps you to immerse your students in interactive learning.

Instead of students individually coming for their turns, they can now view simultaneously.

To cap it all, this modernizes all traditional teaching methods by replacing memorization and recalls with real-time discussions.

Let’s take a closer of some of its special features:

Highlighted Features:

Let me throw some light on what special features this handheld device offers;

  • This digital microscope is competitively priced.
  • It helps you view live microscopic images from 10-200x magnification
  • It captures crystal clear HD shots. With just a single click you can get 2592×1944 resolution images (5 Megapixel)
  • You can also record live and time-lapse images in high resolution
  • It allows you to compare images side by side
  • It also features a built-in tool to measure specimen and changes over time
  • You can involve the whole class by displaying magnified images on a smartboard or projection screen
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty
  • If all this is not enough, it also provides you with free downloadable lesson plans aligned to national science teaching standards.

What else can one dream for the smartest interactive classroom?

Wrapping It Up:

So, hurry up and upgrade your science class by accessorizing it with this amazing tool today.

SmartMicroScope 5M compatible with your Chromebook, PC, and Mac without any installation will make your life easier.

Excited enough? We have a lot more to offer in store. Just log in and view images, take pictures, record videos and create time-lapse. All live activity can be done in class with no hassle.

Upgrade Your Classroom with the SmartMicroScope 5M

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