The SmartMicroScope 5M Gets Students Excited About Learning Science

Science is a practical activity that requires demonstration for proper understanding. However, in Elementary Science, explanations are best understood when demonstrated. Microscopes have proven to be immensely useful in classrooms as they help teachers explain different structures not visible to the eyes to students in the form of magnified images. The use of computers or chromebooks in classrooms tend to engage students more. SmartMicroScope 5M uses Chromebook, PC or Mac to display HD images and videos for students in classrooms. Imagine a classroom where every student can actually see what he/she is being taught with a magnified, live view.

The SmartMicroScope 5M uses the state-of-art video game experience to produce magnified images or videos for effective study. Everything becomes very clear at the end of the day when students use the SmartMicroScope 5M classroom digital microscope. The SmartMicroScope 5M is an educational technology for every school. The Chromebook classroom STEM tool is a plug and play device that connects the SmartMicroScope 5M digital microscope to the Chromebook and open the camera app that comes on the Chromebook without any installation, it uses a web app to access the microscope. Students can compare two images side by side (CSI classes love this forensic science image feature) and measure magnified specimens. 

The SmartMicroScope 5M works great with interactive whiteboards, its cloud-based online web app is compatible with Chromebook, PC and Mac for elementary school students can view live images, saved images and videos, record videos, and more. The high-quality lens gives magnificent images and it has a broad magnification and high resolution up to 2592 x 1944. Students are excited about how easy SmartMicroScope 5M is to operate. With a dial on the SmartMicroScope, the 6 LED lights are easily controlled.

Unlike the traditional microscope where students have to view specimens or objects one after the other, SmartMicroScope 5M offers projection service with HD resolution. Live images can be projected in the science classroom for all students to see. This educational technology is groundbreaking as it makes elementary science easy to understand and also aids scientific investigations. In short, this handheld digital microscope is perfect for the classroom.

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