Useful for all ages, this dual range sensor accurately measures both sound pressure level in decibels (dBA) or waveform (mV).

To make the measurements meaningful to learners, the sensor has been designed to approximate the normal human ear in the range and intensity that it ‘hears’ sounds.

Use a pair of sensors to measure speed of sound in air and solids.

The Sound sensor is an electret microphone with a broad frequency response (100 Hz to 7 kHz). It has a sufficiently fast response to allow for the measurement of speed of sound and to capture waveforms. It is equally responsive to all sound frequencies within its range and can measure both transient and continuous noise.


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Activities and Curriculum:

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  • Sound frequency
  • Speed of sound
  • Sound insulation
  • Sound decay
  • Air resonance
  • Sound waves: Monitoring the effect of altering frequency and amplitude, wave forms of musical instruments etc.


  • Ear design
  • Animal activity studies


  • Noise pollution indoors and outdoors
  • 40 to 110 dBA
  • Resolution: 0.1dBA
  • ±2000 mV (Waveform)
  • Resolution: 1mV

Works with the following Dataloggers:

VHub4 and VHub8


Sound Level – 2 ranges

  • 40 to 110 dBA (Resolution 0.1dBA )
  • Waveform ±2000 mV (Resolution 1 mV)