Lens Tip Set

For fixed magnification of 15x, 30x, 50x, and 150x.


The SmartMicroScope 5M handheld digital microscope

Takes 5 Megapixel Still Images

The SmartMicroScope 5M is easy to use for even pre-school students.  The single focus dial allows students to explore hidden worlds all around us.  What does salt look like?  How are plant and animal cells alike and different?  What do insect eyes look like?  What lives in pond water?  The SmartMicroScope is a great discovery tool for all grades.

PC and MAC Compatible

The SmartMicroScope 5M is compatible with both the PC and MAC.  The easiest way to use with a MAC is to open Photobooth and then plug in the SmartMicroScope 5M.  The live image from the SmartMicroScope is displayed and you can take pictures and videos.  We also offer a MAC software with more advanced features, but the plug and play option requires no software installation.

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Empowering educators worldwide, from schools and libraries to renowned institutes.

The future of education is here, and it fits right in the palm of your hand. Give your students the gift of engaging, interactive, and collaborative learning experiences with our SmartSchool Systems Microscope solutions. 


Life Science-

Earth Science-

  • Explore rocks, sand, and soil

Physical Science-

  • Compare grains of salt, sugar and other common substances
  • Compare clothing and other textiles
  • Explore how common printers make different colors

Works great with interactive whiteboards!

The SmartMicroScope 5M digital microscope has a high quality lens for true to life undistorted color image.  It can record still images, videos, or time-lapse videos to view a weeks worth of change in minutes.  The 6 LED lights are easily controlled with a dial on the SmartMicroScope. Most importantly, any microscope for kids should encourage scientific exploration in a fun and educational way.

Display live magnified images for discussion and collaborative learning.

The SmartMicroScope 5M has a broad magnfication range which is great for the classroom.  This can make all the difference when looking at pond water organisms or plant and animal cells.  The SmartMicroScope 5M focuses in at 10x to 200x magnification and can take high resolution still images (up to 2592 x 1944 pixels).  Video and live image are at a lower resolution.

Measure and record time-lapse videos. 

The SmartMicroScope 5M comes with easy to use software to take still images, videos, or time-lapse videos.  The software has a zoom feature to take an even closer look at objects and has a measurement feature to measure change over time.

Annotate images and use for assessment.

The SmartMicroScope 5M digital microscope is especially useful in classrooms with traditional microscopes.  The ability to show students what they are looking for is very powerful. Microscopes for kids should be durable and simple to use.


SmartMicroScope 5M digital microscope


Software CD

SmartMicroScope Lens Tip Set for fixed magnification of 15x, 30x, 50x, and 150x.

SmartMicroScope 5M Specifications:

Magnification:  10x to 200x

Resolution up to:  2592 x 1944 for still images

Illumination:  6 LED built-in and adjustable

O/S:  Windows XP SP2, Vista, and Windows 7, 8, Mac OS 10.7 & up, Chrome and Linux 

Gain Control:  Auto Gain Control (AGC)

Snapshot Mode:  Hardware/Software controllable

White Balance:  Automatic

Power Source:  5VDC through USB port

Microscopes for kids show students and young scientists aspects of our world that are not able to be seen by the naked eye.

The SmartMicroScope 5M comes with a 5-year warranty.  

All SmartMicroScopes are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 60 months from the date of purchase provided it has been used in accordance with any instructions, under normal conditions.

This warranty does not apply if the SmartMicroScope has been damaged by water, accident or misuse. In the event of a fault developing within the 60 month period, the SmartMicroScope must be returned to SmartSchool Systems for repair or replacement at no expense to the user other than shipping charges.


Windows Software requires the serial key that was included with your SmartMicroScope.  It is printed on the CD envelope.

Alternate Link

Mac Software requires the serial key that was included with your SmartMicroScope.  It is printed on the CD envelope.

Alternate Link

Mac Software requires the serial key that was included with your SmartMicroScope.  It is printed on the CD envelope.

Alternate Link

Online – Cloud-Based App requires the serial key that was included with your SmartMicroScope if purchased after 2017.  It is printed on a card in the box.