Prepared Microscope Slides including Animal, Plant, Insects and Amphibians & Frogs.  Ideal for Middle School Science and High School Biology.


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Deluxe set of prepared microscope slides in a wooden box specifically chosen for middle school life science and high school biology applications.

1Plant ROOT TIP L.S(corn)
2Young root tip C.S(broad bean)
3Cushaw Stem L.S
4Pine stem L.S
5Monocotyledon Stem C.S
6Dicotyledon stem C.S(sunflower)
7Woody dicotyledon stem C.S(3 years)
8Broad bean Leaf epidermis W.M
9Wheat leaf C.S
10Lilac leaf C.S
11Cotton leaf C.S
12Cotton Stem C.S
13Dogbane leaf
14Corn seed L.S
15Wheat seed L.S
16Epidermal cell Onion W.M
17Corn Stem L.S
18Pine Leaf C.S
19Plasmodesma Sec
20Plant mitosis Sec(Onion root tip)
21Meiosis of plant Sec
22Daphnia W.M
23Hydra L.S
24Planaria W.M
25Hydra budding the whole W.M
26Paramecium W.M
27Hydra C.S Through spermary
28Hydra C.S Through ovary
29Housefly Wing W.M
30Butterfly squama W.M
31Asoergillus W.M
32Penicillium W.M
33Actinomyces W.M
34Yeasts W.M
35Root monocotyledon C.S
36Pine stem C.S
37Honey bee third pair of Legs W.M
38Spinal cord C.S
39Small intestine Sec
40Earthworm C.S
41Tongue L.S show filiform papilla
42Dense connective tissue(Tendon L.S)
43Laxity connective tissue
44Ciliation epithelium Sec
45Frog egg 2.cell
46Insect compound eye W.M
47Taste bud Sec (Rabbit)
48Nervous tissue Sec
49Eye worm tissue
50Large intestine

Set 50 prepared microscope slides 

Wooden Case