This self-assembled, matt black anodized 1.2 m aluminium incline track and support pillar comes with a low friction cart with its interrupt card and various brackets to form a high quality modular dynamics track.

The Dynamics System is ideal for exploring force and motion concepts.

Designed for use with:


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Suitable for the following experiments::

  • Motion – Time, Velocity, Acceleration, Friction
  • Newton’s 2nd Law
  • Forces
  • Impulse
  • Free fall
  • Atwood’s Machine
  • Pendulum

Works with the following Data


1x 120 cm Aluminium Track
1x 80 cm Vertical Pillar & Base
1x Low Friction Cart
1x Interrupt Card (for top of cart)
1x End Reflector Card
1x Spoked Pulley
Large & Thin Brackets
Bolts, Screws & Wing Nuts
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