The CO2 sensor can be used, as it is, to measure the changing CO2 levels in a room or environment.

The sensor is designed and optimised to measure carbon dioxide levels found in the air around photosynthesising plants and small, respiring animals.

The unique disc shape lets the sensor become the lid for respiration chambers or placed on a desk without the need for clamps and stands.

Two ranges, one for detailed work on respiration, environment monitoring and respiration, the other for quantitative work on CO2 levels at high levels.

The specially designed casing can also form a closed chamber when using standard laboratory beakers and conical flasks. The casing also allows for inserting additional sensors into a chamber such as temperature and Oxygen.


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The CO2 sensor has 2 ranges:

  • 0 to 10,000 ppm
  • 0 to 100,000 ppm



  • Variances in classroom CO2 levels


  • Plant photosynthesis and respiration
  • Respiration of small organisms e.g. microbes, maggots
  • Measuring human CO2 production


  • Candle in Bell Jar (measuring CO2 emissions)

Works with the following Dataloggers:

VHub4 and VHub8


Carbon Dioxide Sensor

Steel Rod for clamping to a stand