The ±10kPa Differential Gas Pressure sensor (3139) and Breathing Rate belt in this pack are used together to measure the expansion and contraction of a person’s chest while they breathe.

  • Comes complete with inflation pump and pressure sensor
  • Works in similar way to blood Pressure cuff
  • The Pressure sensor has a low pressure range, with a differential pressure measurement of ±10 kPa


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  • Measuring breathing rates
  • Changes of the body in exercise

​The Breathing Rate Belt is wrapped around a person’s chest region. Fitted inside the Belt is an inflatable air bladder, which is moulded to two rubber tubes. One of these tubes finishes with a hand pump bulb that is used to inflate the air bladder. The other tube is attached to the Gas Pressure Sensor which monitors the change in pressure during breathing.

Works with the following Dataloggers:

VHub4 and VHub8


Breathing Rate Belt and Gas Pressure Pack:

  • 1 — Breathing Rate Belt
  • 1 — Gas Pressure Differential ±10kPa