iPad microscope for the classroom

The incredible evolution of technology has fostered the development of the microscope into a smart user-friendly device. Unlike the traditional microscope, the SmartMicroScope iGo2 has the ability to capture and save images and videos for examination on multiple mobile devices in HD. It changes the classroom environment, transforms it into a smart environment.

The state-of-the-art SmartMicroScope iGo2 is specifically designed for schools for effective teaching. This incredibly portable device uses wireless connectivity to connect up to 3 mobile devices (tablets/phones) at once. The SmartMicroScope iGo2 can serve an entire classroom. It is compatible with iOS and Android. The SmartMicroScope iGo2 can be used in various sciences such as forensics, physical, earth, and life science. Its single focus dial allows students to explore rock, sand, soil, water, insects, organisms, plants, colors, blood, fabric. It can also be used to examine fingerprints, different fabrics, colors.

It is an ideal tool for teaching in class. It is easier for the teacher to use a smart microscope to explain to students and not have them crowd him/her. Since SmartMicroScope iGo2 can connect to up to 3 devices wirelessly, students can split into groups to examine specimens. This is a feature the traditional microscope does not have. SmartMicroScope iGo2 digital microscope is great for speed, convenience, and high-quality images. Its magnification range is remarkable.

The SmartMicroScope iGo2 has a range of in-built user-friendly features and it is cost-effective. However, it is not compatible with PCs and MACs. It is very portable that it can be used outdoors. For example, it can be carried for field trips.

Specification of SmartMicroScope iGo2

Specification SmartMicroScope iGo2
Compatibility Android Tablets, Android phones, iPad iPod Touch and iPhones
Connected devices Can connect 3 iOS or Android devices simultaneously to the SmartMicroScope iGo2 while each device can record videos or take pictures independently
Magnification Up to 200x depending on screen size. (maximum magnification is 80x on the iPad screen)
Resolution HD Resolution (1280×720)
Lighting Adjustable LED lights
Snapshot mode Hardware(device) / Software (APP) controllable
Supported protocol  2.4GHz WiFi IEEE802.11b/g/n
Supported video code protocol MPEG4
Operational range 10 meters from a Wi-Fi connected device (outdoors)
Operation time Approximately maximum of 3.5 hrs with Ni-MH 2500mA battery (Dependent on environment and battery capacity)

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