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With all the development in the field of science and technology, the old technology we have in our schools is getting outdated. Most of the schools are still using the old traditional microscope. Everyone agrees that outdated traditional microscopes do not give teachers the freedom of interacting freely with the students.  And it negatively impacts the effectiveness of teaching, but they are still reluctant to use the latest Wifi Microscope. It is time that we update our classroom technology to improve the overall effectiveness of teaching. Better technology will allow teachers to teach students more effectively, and at the same time, students will comprehend more efficiently.

Why it is Important to Upgrade the School Technology?

It is the age of technology. Therefore, it is important that we make technology our friend. It will ensure a better future not only for us but for the next generations as well. For the development and success of any society, it is important to invest in education. Better education facility will ensure a better future.

Sticking with the outdated technology will not take us anywhere. We should start focusing on learning about new things. We should be able to view things which traditional microscope failed to show us. And this is only possible if we start using the iPad Microscope or SmartMicroScope iGo2 in our classrooms. SmartMicroScope iGo2 will show you real-time HD quality images of the subject. You will be able to have a better view with an option to magnify up to 200X. So, the latest digital iPad microscope will make sure that the entire class engages in the discussions and view HD quality video of the subject. Now you will have the option to see more details which traditional microscopes lacked.

All About SmartMicroScope iGo2:

With SmartMicroScope iGo2 students can open new doors of imagination which will boost their confidence. It will help to see things which couldn’t be see before with the traditional microscope. With the upgraded technology, you will be able to see and share images in the field that were not viewable before.

SmartMicroScope iGo2 is not compatible with your regular computer or Mac. It was specifically designed to work with mobile devices. It can pair up with up to 3 iPads at the same time. Moreover, each device will have the ability to record video or capture image using the microscope independently. You can also pair this Wifi microscope with Android phone, iPhone, iPad, and Android tablet. This amazing iPad microscope can magnify up to 200X. However, for iPad, it will only offer a magnification of 80X. It comes with a 1280×720 resolution which offers high-quality image and video.

This Wifi microscope can operate within a range of 10 meters. It comes with rechargeable batteries that are rated for 3.5 hours. It uses AAA batteries so if the batteries die in the field you can easily replace them with alkaline or rechargeable batteries. Moreover, the built-in LEDs are adjustable. So, you can focus on anything. It is lightweight, easy to handle, and can be taken anywhere with great ease.

Make Teaching More Effective:

For those who have used a traditional microscope, you are keenly aware of the issues. It’s not easy to handle and does not offer the freedom to interact with the entire class. It takes a lot of time to complete a class activity with less or no time left for any meaningful discussion. What’s the purpose of doing all the science activities if you are not having any meaningful discussion with the class? The whole idea should be to help students understand things better and engage in discussion with them. A discussion with real-time image or video of the subject with the latest iPad microscope will surely make the whole process more interesting.

This doesn’t even take into account how often traditional microscopes break and have to be serviced. 

There is no doubt that by using the SmartMicroScope iGo2 we can improve the effectiveness of teaching. It gives freedom to instructors to discuss with the class. Now, teachers have the liberty to explain everything in detail by using the real-time image or the video. Teachers can now concentrate more on having a meaningful discussion with the class. Students can see the large image, ask questions, and get an answer right away. Moreover, the HD quality image or video will also make learning interesting for students. They will start taking more interest in the interactive lesson which will, in turn, make life easy for the teacher. So, it is time that we start using the SmartMicroScope iGo2 in classrooms to make teaching easier and more effective.

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