In the era of modern education, digitalization of teaching materials and online educational support have become very important. For STEM sciences, it’s essential that devices and equipment used in classes are compatible with the latest technologies.

There are many STEM devices available on the market that are compatible with PCs and Mac, but the number of science tools compatible with iPads is much smaller.

In this review, we’re presenting the best iPad digital microscope: SmartMicroScope iGo2. It’s a digital microscope for iPads by SmartSchool Systems and priced at $349. Here are the benefits of using the SmartMicroscope iGo2 for your classroom activities:

  1. SmartMicroScope iGo2 delivers HD quality live image

SmartMicroscope iGo was a real revolution in handheld digital microscope devices, and the iGo2 continued this tradition, with improved image quality.

Users can view crystal-clear images in real-time. It can magnify up to 200x. If you’re using the iGo2 on an iPad microscope, the maximum magnification rate is 80x. This broad magnification range enables students to look at different types of specimens, from larger microorganisms to plant or animal cells.

The colors are vivid and undistorted, which provides a memorable and impressive experience for students.

It’s perfect for field trips and students using it on the go, since it doesn’t require any infrastructure and connects directly to the user’s phone. Therefore, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a classroom microscope only.

2. Free iOS and Android app

The SmartMicroscope iGo2 is an iPhone microscope and an iPad microscope. It’s compatible with mobile Apple devices, but not Mac computers.

Besides Apple, iGo2 digital microscope is also compatible with Android devices (Android smartphones and tablets). You can connect to up to 3 devices at a time, regardless of whether they’re Apple or Android.

When the iPhone microscope app is open on your phone, you can take photos or record videos and save them for later, regardless of what the other connected devices are doing. Each of the devices connected will receive a live transmission of the microscope camera image.

When you receive your iGo2, you can start using it with your mobile app which you can find for free in the App Store. This app allows you to view the live image projected straight to your mobile device.

It’s one of the best microscope software apps on the market. Those microscope camera devices that do offer connections to mobile phones are usually compatible with Apple only.

3. Save high resolution images and videos

Within the iPhone or iPad microscope app, you can take HD images or record videos. Within the microscope software app, you’ll also have the chance to access some of the additional features like measuring, comparing two images or annotating images.

Each time that you get an interesting visual from your microscope camera, click on the Camera button to take a picture or start recording a video. After you’re done, you can save it for later use.

This is very convenient for science education because it allows students to revise their findings about specimens they have observed before.

After a field trip, you can have a throwback projection show, where you show the best images and videos captured by students. These microscope camera images can show some of the specimens relevant to your microscope curriculum. Students will simply love this level of engagement and independence.

4. Five-year warranty

SmartMicroscope iGo2 is a digital microscope for iPad that was built to last. Since it’s a school microscope and has to endure a lot of dynamics and moving around, it’s been built using solid, long-lasting material in a high-quality process.

Even though it’s a wireless, handheld digital microscope designed for a lot of action and dynamics, it can endure a lot, which makes it perfect for outdoors use as well.

Just like all other products from the SmartSchool Systems line, the iGo2 comes with a 5-year warranty.

For any issues that you come across during this 5-year period, you can contact the SmartSchool Systems customer support, which is available via phone and email.

The guarantee for the iGo2 microscope device is much better than other digital microscopes for students, who usually offer only 1 or 2 years of warranty.

5. Comes with investigations – Online Learning Portal

Just like all other microscopes for students from the SmartSchool Systems collection, if you purchase the iGo2, you get access to the Online Learning Portal.

This is educational support intended to help teachers carry out their microscope activities more easily.

Along with every microscope investigation activity, the Online Learning Portal includes handouts for students which you can print out and use in the evaluation phase.

The Online Learning Portal contains investigations for all levels of education.

The Elementary digital microscope module contains the simplest microscope investigations. There are 20 activities which are designed to peek the students’ curiosity about science and the world around them.

For older students, there are the Middle School microscope program and the High School Biology microscope investigations. These are advanced modules that introduce more complex concepts from Earth Science, Environmental Science, Forensics…

The Online Learning Portal has been carefully devised with the help of experts and contains 20 investigations per each level of education. All of the digital microscope activities are based on the 5E model and are aligned to NGSS (Next Generation Science Standard) and 20+ US states science education curriculum.

6. Comes with rechargeable batteries and charger

SmartMicroscope iGo2 is wireless, which enables students to observe specimens in dynamic environments and even outdoors.

To use the iGo2 STEM microscope on a field trip, simply bring along the battery charger and recharge it whenever you need to.

This mobility offers amazing chances to catch some unusual specimens in their natural habitat. While you’re there, you have the chance to take a photo or record a video as it happens, using your microscope software app. After you’re done shooting, you can simply save it via app and share it with the class later.

This way, the iGo2 is every student’s personal magnifying glass to the world of microorganisms.

Learn more about the SmartMicroScope iGo2 and the Online Learning Portal.

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