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When choosing school microscopes, it’s important that the microscope software is compatible with Chromebook. Over half of computing devices sold to the US education market in 2018 were Chrome OS devices. Most digital microscopes for students offer no advanced features for Chromebooks.  A low-resolution image is all you will get.

To keep up with the needs, requirements and science education standards of the US science classroom, schools will have to obtain chromebook microscope camera devices with more functionality. One of the best among these devices is definitely the SmartMicroScope 5M.

In this review, we’re looking at SmartMicroScope 5M – the best Chromebook digital microscope. In addition to the Chrome OS system compatibility, it also has various other benefits compared to other digital microscope devices.

These 6 features make the SmartMicroScope 5M the king of chromebook microscope devices:

  1. SmartMicroScope 5M delivers a high-quality image

SmartMicroScope 5M is a digital device with a single-focus dial. It allows students to get HD, crystal-clear images with undistorted colors. In addition to that, high-quality zooming is available. This school microscope features 6 built-in LED lights controllable by a dial.

It has the ability to zoom up to 200x, leaving the image quality intact. The max resolution for taking photos and videos is 2592 x 1944px, achieved by its top-quality 5-megapixel camera.

The quality of image is very important in microscopes for students. If the image that they see is unclear, it may be hard for them to understand to material or figure out what it is exactly that they should be seeing.

A high-quality image to start with enables better saved pictures and videos. All of the images you save will be in high-definition with a 5MP resolution. Videos and live images have a lower resolution.

2. Durable, it was built for the classroom (5-year warranty)

For any school objects and equipment, it’s important that they’re made of high-quality materials and that they can last for years.

SmartMicroScope 5M is an extremely durable digital microscope ideal for classrooms. It’s built from long-lasting, high quality materials, but it’s also flexible and practical for classroom use.

This product comes with a 5-year warranty guaranteed by the manufacturer SmartSchool Systems. This is the longest warranty period among all other digital microscopes for students on the market, which mostly offer 1 or 2 years of warranty.

During these 5 years of warranty, you can also contact SmartSchool Systems customer support with any questions or issues you may have. They answer both hardware and software-related questions.

3. Web app designed for chromebooks.  Log into the website to view

Given that SmartMicroScope 5M is a chromebook digital microscope, the microscope software connected to it is Chromebook-compatible. When you purchase this classroom microscope, you will receive credentials that you can use to access the web app.

This is a cloud-based digital microscope app that doesn’t require installation. Compared to other microscope software providers who require installation CDs, this microscope software web app is much more convenient and simpler.

With a no-install microscope software which can be accessed via website, it’s much easier to access the necessary programs on any computer on campus.

The web app is also PC and Mac compatible if using the Google Chrome browser, but PC and Mac installed software is also included.  Each SmartMicroScope includes a site license for the software so it can be installed on any computer on campus.   The PC and Mac installed software can be found on our download page (

4. Advanced features like measurement, annotation and assessment

In the SmartMicroScope 5M Online Viewer, students can use advanced digital microscope features which promote additional learning and exploring.

Students can measure specimens and compare two images side by side. The measurements option also allows students to keep track of size changes in specimens.

There’s also the option to annotate images, so it’s easy to point out all important parts of the observed sample.

SmartMicroScope 5M works great with whiteboards and provides students with an unforgettable journey into the STEM sciences.

Assessment is also made easy through the SmartMicroScope Online Viewer. You can save microscope camera images and use them later to rate the effectiveness of the class.

All of these tools help to make the microscope activities performed in US schools top-quality and an educational experience for students. These digital microscope activities are much more complex and demanding than in previous traditional environments.

When we used traditional microscopes, students could only view the samples for seconds at a time and after that they had to discuss what they have seen from memory. There were no options of ever projecting or circulating the examined specimen. Now, with digital microscopes for students, science activities are much more accessible and diverse. Talking about microscope activities and investigations has never been easier.

5. Save high resolution images and videos

Having the option to project real-time, live images on screen is a big step from traditional microscopes. However, there’s only so much you can do during the science class itself.

The Save option allows you to store any interesting or useful images and videos. This way, students can use them later or refer to them during their microscope activities.

You can save images in the .jpg format in high resolution.

6. Save images directly to Google Drive.

From the SmartMicroScope 5M chromebook web app, you can opt for saving images directly to Google Drive or Dropbox. With just a few clicks, you can save and share the images of specimens you find interesting or worth keeping.

It’s perfect for sharing images with students later, as they will always have access to it.

One-tap Cloud saving will save you time and effort, and you will never forget or misplace any of your image files. If you don’t have a Google Drive or Dropbox yet, you can easily sign up to get an account. The process takes just a couple of minutes.

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