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We believe that ALL students are capable of academic success and that the TEACHER is the single most important factor in student success.

It is our mission to help all students thrive by delivering powerful teaching tools to all teachers that are easy to learn, simple to use and inspire curiosity in students.

Teachers are the key to reaching our goal of positively impacting the education and lives of all students.

SmartSchool Systems is a family-owned company established in 2006. We exist to improve education by serving teachers.


Data from the National Assessment of Educational Progress indicates that student success in science education is improving.

Percentage of students performing at or above Proficient level on the science assessment has improved in all tested grade levels from 2009 to 2015:

  • 4th Grade > 2009 34%, 2015 38% 
  • 8th Grade > 2009 30%, 2015 34%
  • 12th Grade > 2009 21%, 2015 22%
Proficient Level by Grade


Less than half of 4th grade and 8th grade students and less than a quarter of 12th grade students were rated as being proficient or better in science, based on the government’s National Assessment of Educational Progress.


Boredom is the real education killer.

The right tools and technology in the hands of teachers and student can help.

At SmartSchool Systems, we believe imagination is the key that unlocks learning success.

That’s why our mission is to provide teachers with the smart tools they need to inspire curiosity in the lives of their students, leave them feeling awestruck and spark a love for lifelong learning.


Established in 2006 in Kingwood, TX, SmartSchool Systems is a family-owned company offering a full line of innovative, easy-to-use technology products that engage today’s tech savvy students with a hands-on approach to learning science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

It’s hard to find the best tools that are easy to learn, simple to use and inspire students…

That’s why we continue to reinvest in and support teachers by bringing the best educational products for the classroom.


Our flagship SmartMicroScope for example, won the District Administration Magazine Most Innovative Products Award and is recognized as best-in-class educational technology for proven effectiveness in schools nationwide.


SmartMicroScopes are in over 15,000 US classrooms.

However, even the best tools have limitations — you also need to have the know-how to properly use the tools you wield.

That’s why we provide teaching materials and support videos and documents for easy implementation.

These free resources empower teachers to get the maximum educational value from every SmartSchool Systems product.

We also pride ourselves on giving you the customer service and ongoing product support you deserve.

With so many choices on the market, choosing the right technology for your class can be overwhelming.

So if you have any questions at any point throughout your research or buying process, simply pick up the phone, give us a call and one of our educational technology experts will walk you through all the specifics to ensure you get the right tools for your classroom and budget.

Once you’ve decided, complete your order using our secure online shopping cart to enjoy free shipping on all purchases over $99, a 5-year warranty and a no-nonsense 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

And our commitment to you doesn’t end there.

We encourage you to call us at 866-722-2051 with any questions, comments or concerns, Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm (CST).

So go ahead, browse through our line of digital microscopes, get one for your campus and see the difference smart technology can make in the lives of your students.

Our nation’s schools may not be keeping up with science education, but yours can.

Put some passion back in your class and watch students who used to shun science suddenly light up with curiosity gleaming in their eyes, motivated to be their best.

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